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A Unique Initiative
The Analytics and Enterprise Mobility white paper have been successfully completed. Download these white papers from menu at right hand side. Keep watching this space for the white papers on Enterprise Business Software category.

Why enterprise business software

Business software is of primary importance to enterprises today irrespective of the scale of operations and industry verticals. Business and functional software are enabling enterprises to gain operational efficiencies as well as improve customer experience in the highly competitive markets. The software products available span across stand-alone functional applications like inventory management, demand forecasting, payroll management etc. to integrated applications like ERP, CRM, HCM enabling a holistic view of business and incorporate best practices.

To grow in this arena, players need to constantly innovate, employing new commercial models to facilitate a critical mass of enterprises in adopting enterprise and business solutions.

The segment was chosen because it:

  • Provides India a level playing field and the opportunity to lead
  • A lot of small, nimble players have done very well as they have
       been able to innovate and react to requirements of enterprises
Larger players are now desirous of leveraging their rich experience
and are keen to consolidate their activities in this space

The exercise will be conducted in a 3 stage process
Benchmarking & whitepaper
  • Indian software products
  • An application, framework or solution offered as a packaged software
  • Developed/ launched / commercialized products only
  • Benchmark your products against your competitors in specific technology areas
  • Leverage market positioning grid developed by NASSCOM and Frost & Sullivan with your customers
  • Access to Insights, best practices, whitepapers
  • Get customer insights and understand if your product roadmaps align to their needs
  • Demonstrate India’s product capabilities to a global audience
  • Platform for product companies to gain visibility with the end user segment
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