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IP4BIZ CIO Spotlight at the NPC 26th December, 2012

The most valuable feedback an enterprise software startup needs is on its sales and value-to-business pitch. Five enterprise software startups from India presented their sales and value proposition to leading CIOs and enterprise software veterans on the panel, and sought honest feedback from them. The panelist judges assessed the sales and value proposition, provided their opinion on its content, positioning, perceived value, competitive differentiation and helped the presenting companies to sharpen their pitch so that their sales and value proposition became compelling to enterprise software buyers. Attendees to the session learnt important pointers on what to include and what to exclude from their own sales pitches to enterprises by watching and observing the proceedings.

These startups addressed a range of critical areas including Big Data, Multi-Factor Authentication, Automated Work Visibility, industry specific CRM, and clean and green solutions

Category: Enterprise, Go-to-market, Business Strategy

Why was this event chosen to showcase IP4BIZ?

The NASSCOM Product Conclave attracts the best product companies from across India year on year. The showcase was intended for the companies to receive feedback on the products and the presentation from senior CIO panellists present at the event.

Enterprise Stars:
  1. Bizosys
  2. ArrayShield
  3. Sapience Analytics   imageImage
  4. Acadaes Solutions
  5. Vigyanlabs
  • Image
    Manjunath M Gowda
    CEO & Co-founder
    i7 Networks
  • Image
    Sangeeta Patni
    Extensio Software, Inc
  • Image
    Summet Anand
    Founder & CEO 
    Kreeo (i-nable Solutions) 
  • Image
    CO - Founder 
    Software Technologies (VAST) 
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It is very encouraging to get the visibility at TechStars zone and create Sapience brand awareness. Access to high profile global business leaders in Showcase session at NPC was extremely useful for us. Their critical analysis helped us get honest perspective from the buyer’s side.