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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to nominate for the program?

  • The excellence grid benchmarking and visibility creation program is applicable to all Indian software products.
  • The software product can be an application, framework or solution offered as a packaged software in an on premise or on cloud model. Vendors can nominate their software products in one or more categories as per the definitions of categories provided.
  • Customized solutions developed for clients ( Indian on global ) do not qualify under the products category and for this exercise

Revenue criteria: There is no eligibility criteria on revenue of the company/ product.

Year of inception of the company: There are no eligibility criteria on year of inception of the company. The software product must be developed/ launched/ commercialized to be eligible.

Country of origin of the company: The vendor has to be of Indian origin. However, its product can cater to a global clientele.

2. Is there any eligibility criteria based on the company being captive IT team or that with an independent financial entity as
    a software company?

There is no specific eligibility criterion on the company being captive IT team or that with an independent financial entity as a software company, as long as the developed product is not ONLY for internal use by the company and is being currently commercialized.

3. What benefits will the company derive out of the entire exercise?

The program is designed to:

  • Provide a platform for the software product companies to gain visibility with the end user segment
  • Provide insights into the competitive scenario and relative positioning in the target market segment
  • Help align market strategy to end user dynamics and accelerate growth

4. What are the timelines for completion of the benchmarking process?

The exercise will take 10 – 12 weeks from date of initiation of assessment process.

5. What will be the deliverables for the company nominating?

  • The software product will be featured in the software product excellence grid
  • A short white paper will be shared at the end of the exercise. Excerpts of the white paper can be used for marketing support
  • Further guidance and inputs can be shared through discussions with the knowledge partner as a separate engagament

6. What kinds of information is the company needed to furnish as part of the evaluation process?

All nominees will be expected to fill a nomination document. The document will capture data points with respect to product, company strategy and implementation

7. How will the company be assured of confidentiality of all the company-data shared with Frost & Sullivan or Nasscom
    during the process?

Nasscom and Frost & Sullivan understand the criticality of all the confidential data shared by the company during the process. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) has been signed between Nasscom and Frost & Sullivan to protect the privacy of all such confidential data. All such information shared will solely be used for the evaluation process, and neither of Nasscom or Frost & Sullivan will use the data for any other purpose, nor disclose them to any third party without prior approval from the company (ex. Publishing specific case studies for any product)

8. How will the vendor get to know which category its product can be applied under?

A complete list of all horizontal/ vertical categories along with definitions has been provided in the Nasscom site . The company can apply for one or more of the categories, as applicable. Vertical category is for software products focused on addressing challenges/needs very specific to an industry (Eample:. Automotive/ banking/ financial services/ retail/ healthcare etc.). Horizontal categories are for software products that offer functionalities cutting across industry domains and address a business or IT need/ challenge (analytics/ mobility/ communication tools/ infrastructure management tools/ generic ERP).

9. Who would hold the final authority of the assessment process?

Frost & Sullivan holds the final authority of the evaluation and assessment process.

10. How will the benchmarking exercise help an emerging company with a strong and innovative product, but lacking a
    structured business strategy or market success stories?

One of the key objectives of this program is to highlight emerging products with high potential and encourage Indian software product development.The thought leadership whitepaper developed as a deliverable will help create awareness amongst the target customers and encourage innovation by bringing it to notice