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How to Participate

The Program follows a structured step by step approach

Step 1: Application

  • Companies will have an option at the time of registration to select an The Catalyst" or "Mentor" that they feel can play a crucial role in facilitating a breakthrough performance to achieve quantum or rapid growth.
  • Company can nominate their top 4 Orbit Shift Catalysts - who they could vibe best with, confide in and be confident of finding the appropriate guidance
  • Eventually two Orbit Shift Catalysts will be assigned to each Participating Company.

Step 2: Selection

  • The companies will present their issues to a panel of judges
  • Post the judge’s evaluation, there will be informal interaction with The Catalysts at the venue
  • The companies will then rank order the Catalysts as per their preference and share with NASSCOM
  • NASSCOM will do the final matching and announce the results and get the go-ahead from both parties (Participating companies and the Catalysts)
  • The company has the right to agree or disagree with the final decision of NASSCOM

Step 3: Functional Area and Coach Mentoring

  • The Functional experts (invited by NASSCOM from the industry/academia) will be some of the most proficient minds and practitioners in their area of work and the participating companies will benefit hugely by having access to and learning from these accomplished experts
  • A series of face to face lectures-cum-workshops (once a month)with functional experts in the focus areas listed below:


    Talent Management


    Sales & Networking


  • Followed by a focused workout and mentoring with the coach on a pre-agreed day between the Catalysts and Participating Company
  • Follow-up support from Functional experts will be given in the form of webinars / calls.
  • Informal calls between the coach and the company will continue on the side.
  • Resources / tools / content that is crowd sourced and curated and will be posted on the Emerge Forum’s The Orbit Shift Program micro-site

Step 4: Networking

  • NASSCOM will continue to organize events, discussions and engagements where the Catalysts and Companies can meet every 3-6 months
  • Newer batches will also be invited so that a close-knit network of emerging IT companies can constantly grow, network, exchange ideas and celebrate successes

Step 5: Showcasing

  • Successful case studies will be showcased on NASSCOM’s websites and various events
  • Visibility on NASSCOM’s Emerge Community
  • Featured articles around the successful participants in NASSCOM’smonthly newsletter
  • Companies will be invited for networking sessions organized by NASSCOM