NASSCOM builds awareness about its Operational Standards among member companies

NASSCOM’s Product Council, committed to creating a robust software product eco-system in India, has recently rolled out a key initiative to equip people aspiring for careers in the software product industry with skills that make them ‘job-ready’ and ‘day-one productive’.

These skills, jobs roles and career paths have been identified and outlined in the Operational Standards (OS) developed by NASSCOM’s Sector Skills Council (SSC).

As part of its effort to seek endorsement for the OS and build awareness about them among member companies, NASSCOM is organising workshops across all major Indian cities.

The workshops aim to:

  • Talk about the new paradigm in talent acquisition and transformation
  • Create an understanding about the OS and Qualification Packs (QPs) and the challenges in the path of their adoption
  • Highlight the purpose of creating OS and their benefits (where they will serve as guides and reference points for hirers)
  • Get these standards endorsed by HR/Recruitment Heads, L&D/Training Heads and Subject Matter Experts of member firms
  • Build greater transparency around the skills, competencies and behaviors required to do specific jobs right
  • Draw feedback from member companies on the QPs linked with the different job roles

Do keep a look out for these workshops, which are coming to a city close to you soon.

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