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What is it?

NASSCOM and India Product Management Association (IPMA) join hands to educate product companies about product management and marketing. This initiative titled Product Management Express will launch several programs to raise awareness of skills and tools needed to create, sell and profit from delightful products.

Who is it for?

For employees of product companies, including co-founders, product managers, product marketers, designers, engineers who are interested in knowing more about what to build and how to generate revenues.

How will we go about it?

The Product Management Express initiative will conduct workshops in major product hubs across the country. The calendar and speakers along with registration details will be published on the NASSCOM and IPMA websites.

What's Happening?

The workshops under aegis of Product Management Express (PMX) are being conducted at Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. The PMX program has four platforms, each being conducted in form of workshop:

Platform 1: Market
  • Demystify product management
  • Emphasise market driven needs
  • Why you should hire a Product Manager?
Platform 2: Growth
  • Demystify strategy
  • Demystify innovation
  • Planning for success
Platform 3: Value
  • What is product marketing?
  • Reaching your customers
  • Determining value of products and services
Platform 4: Experience
  • Emphasize user centric thinking
  • Creating world class user experience
  • Building for scale

Bangalore Chennai Delhi Hyderabad Kolkata Pune
PMX 1: Foundation of Product management Ravi Padaki (IPMA), Manish Maheshwari (txtWeb @Intuit); 16th May, 2014 Ravi Padaki (IPMA), Sridhar Iyengar (Zoho Corp);
14th Aug, 2014
Satyajeet Singh (Zomato), Abhishek Logani (MakeMyTrip);
23rd May, 2014
Arun Saxena (Insights and Direction);
18th July, 2014
Ravi Padaki, Manish Maheshwari;
17th July, 2014
Ravi Padaki, Rahul Kulkarni;
30th May, 2014
PMX 2: Strategies for Growth Feb, 2015 (Details coming soon) Jan/Feb, 2015 (Details coming soon) Jan/Feb, 2015 (Details coming soon) Arun Saxena (Insights and Direction);
5th Dec, 2014
Thiagarajan Rajagopalan;
5th Feb, 2014
Sita Devulapalli, Rahul Kulkarni;
12th Oct, 2014
PMX 3: Value - Marketing Srihari Palangala, Kashyap Dalal; 30 Jan 2015 Mar/Apr, 2015 (Details coming soon) Feb/Mar, 2015 (Details coming soon) Jasminder, Singh Gulati (Nowfloats), Sameer Bora (next Education);
13th Feb, 2015
Mar ,2015 (Details coming soon) Rahul Kulkarni (Ex-Sokrati), Anuj Tandon (Rolecule); 28th Jan, 2015
PMX 3: Experience - Design Mar, 2015 (Details coming soon) Apr/May, 2015 (Details coming soon) (Mar, 2015 (Details coming soon) Mar/Apr, 2015 (Details coming soon) Apr, 2015 (Details coming soon) 13th Mar, 2015 (Details coming soon)

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Whom to reach if you have any questions?

NASSCOM: To reach NASSCOM, please wrote to vibhor@nasscom.in for any query.
IPMA: To reach IPMA committee, please email committee@indiapma.org for any questions.
If you are interested to enrol as speaker, please fill out the form here to see if you meet the eligibility criteria

About IPMA

IPMA is a non-profit, grassroots, voluntary organization with a mission to catalyse and foster product success by providing Learn, Share and Network platform for product professionals. IPMA has conducted over 25 events from product camps, workshops and annual events in its year 3 years of existence. IPMA has chapters in Bangalore and Pune.
For more information visit www.indiapma.org

"Quite a unique product, ..... could be a good fit for organization to see how being utilized and then can optimize the same"

Ranendra Datta
Vice President
IT SABMiller India Ltd.

" A very critical requirement for all companies going forward ..... Will really bring in transparency and help technology be more effective..... "

Padmaja Ravishankar
Global Head
Information Systems at [24]7 Inc.

It is very encouraging to get the visibility at TechStars zone and create Sapience brand awareness. Access to high profile global business leaders in Showcase session at NPC was extremely useful for us. Their critical analysis helped us get honest perspective from the buyer’s side.